Design proposals for The RCR Afghanistan Memorial Project closed Friday, 1 November. We are in receipt of four very solid bids from both artists and non-artists. They have been consolidated into four bids labelled Options A thru D.

Two pieces of information have been deliberately cut from the submissions – the bidder’s name and the remuneration sought. This should ensure a level playing field between the potentially Regimentally-known, artistic neophyte and the artistically inclined, Regimental inconnu. In the end, the Regiment’s members should be able to decide which proposal best fits their Afghanistan experience.

You will note that we have two options that follow our Call for Designs poster almost to the letter and two that are more memorial in their approach. Both styles have their merit. Each proposal is completely different in that they have chosen a different level of detail to render. We are convinced that in each case they are capable of delivering their goods.

To view the options, click HERE