The Royal Cana­dian Reg­i­ment Association

Wel­come to the Home Page of The Royal Cana­dian Reg­i­ment Association.

The Royal Cana­dian Reg­i­ment Asso­ci­a­tion is a com­po­nent of The RCR Reg­i­men­tal Fam­ily con­sist­ing of serv­ing and for­mer CF mem­bers and their fam­i­lies who have served with the Regiment.

It exists to per­pet­u­ate the close bonds of com­rade­ship and esprit de corps cre­ated by mem­bers of The Royal Cana­dian Reg­i­ment in order:

  • to pre­serve the mem­ory of those who have died in ser­vice with the Regiment;
  • to assist the sick, wounded and needy who have served in the Regiment;
  • to assist wid­ows and chil­dren of deceased members;
  • to main­tain the Regiment’s memorials;
  • to assist in devel­op­ing, for his­tor­i­cal pur­poses, the Regiment’s history;
  • but most impor­tantly to fos­ter com­rade­ship.

As an Asso­ci­a­tion of serv­ing and for­mer serv­ing mem­bers of the Cana­dian Forces, our ethos is based upon the dis­po­si­tion of our Reg­i­ment and the char­ac­ter and spirit instilled upon us as indi­vid­u­als as a result of our ser­vice. From this we derive the morals that direct our indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive actions for the remain­der of our lives. Our ethos is encap­su­lated both in our Reg­i­men­tal motto “Pro Patria” and the Reg­i­men­tal Slo­gan “Never Pass A Fault”