The Benefits of Belonging to The RCR Association

The most often asked question about The RCR Association by both serving and former-serving Royal Canadians is “Why should I join?” and the second one is “What’s in it for me?” The answer to these questions is at the same time both intangible and tangible!

For some time now, the Association has wrestled with these questions and has had difficulty articulating reasonable answers. Traditionally, the answer has been “A hard copy of the annual publication called Pro Patria, a copy of the newsletter and an opportunity to attend the reunions every five years.” Clearly, this has not been a satisfactory answer as the yearly number of members in the Association has historically hovered around the 1000 mark. Given that almost 30,000 Canadians have served in The RCR since WW II, it is apparent that these reasons to join the Association are not achieving the desired effect of providing a service to Royal Canadians.

In 2016, the Chairman of the Association launched a strategic study on the future of the Association to be tabled at the Annual General Meeting to be conducted in the summer of 2017. The study is on-going and has so far discussed a range of tangible benefits that include:

  • access to information of The RCR benefits that include;
    • The RCR Association Bursary,
    • The RCR Children of the Fallen Education Fund,
    • Regimental Veterans' Care,
    • The Service and Assistance Fund,
  • access to;
    • a members' only menu on The RCR Website,
    • an electronic version of a new semi-annual publication called The Association’s Connecting File newsletter,
  • a mailed copy of the Pro Patria publication (if you want it), and
  • contact details for Branch Presidents and the Association Board of Directors.

The intangible benefits being considered focus on the common need to share experiences and to retain contact with those with whom you served. To this ideal, the Association has taken on the responsibility of The RCR website and has included portal called Member 365 developed and maintained by an Ottawa-based company called PixelEra.

Once you join and gain access to this portal, you will be able to identify the ‘cohort’ to which you belong and to see who else is there with you. One of the many features will allow you to send exchange private messages with your friends and to share your contact details with them. Other features include one that will allow you to be notified of upcoming events of interest and an ability to indicate your attendance. You will also be able to raise concerns through a feature that provides you with tracking and reporting of these concerns.

The Association is finally entering the digital age and if you join now, you can begin to experience our approach to providing you with more.

Association members are individuals who have served in The Regiment at any time. It includes individuals who were attached in a support capacity. If you served in The Royal Canadian Regiment (in any capacity), you are welcome to join The RCR Association to retain the comradeship that was developed during your service. We strive to provide support, assistance and information of interest to all who call themselves Royal Canadians or who assisted us in our efforts.

There are 4 types of membership - Life, which is awarded to deserving individuals (no fee), Regular(P) Member for one time fee of $225, Regular(A) Member for an annual fee of $25 and Honorary Member (no fee). Fees are payable by credit card, cheque or e-transfer to Note that what used to be called a PUM (Paid-Up Membership) is no longer used as the term only indicated a method of payment. The new membership category Regular(P) replaces PUM.

if you are a former Paid-Up Member - apply now using the Regular(P) button and provide us with the details.

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