The RCR Association Bursary Programme


The RCR Association awards a number of bursaries each year with the intent of assisting in paying for the education of a:

  • child or grandchild of a member of The RCR Family (serving, retired or deceased);
  • serving member of The RCR (or spouse);
  • member of a cadet corps affiliated with, or sponsored by, The RCR.


The applicant must be in his or her final year of secondary schooling and preparing to attend an institute of higher learning (university, trades school, teachers’ college, technical college, nursing school).

In the case of a serving member (or spouse) the above criteria applies except there is no time limit between completing secondary school and commencement of attendance at an institute of higher learning.

Former serving members and anyone who has already commenced a post-secondary school education program do not qualify.

Documentation Required

Status Documentation
A completed application form
Secondary school principal’s recommendation (A letter from the applicant’s homeroom teacher in lieu of the principal’s recommendation would be acceptable)
Letter of acceptance for first-year enrolment from an institute of higher learning
For serving members, spouse or a cadet, a letter of recommendation from your unit CO or ERE mentor
Transcript of your final grades from a secondary school

Award Criteria

Winners of the bursaries will be chosen on scholastic achievement, community service activities, military/cadet service (if any) and family financial position.


All sections of this form, including the acceptance to the institute of higher learning, must be completed and all pertinent documents submitted to the bursary committee with this application (with the exception of the final marks if not available at the time of application).

Please attach to this application a reference from your secondary school principal. If a serving soldier, spouse or cadet, a letter from your unit CO must also be enclosed.

Applications must be received at Regimental Headquarters by 15 July each year.

Application Form

Click on the link below to access the fillable pdf form.