Service and Assistance Fund


The aim of The RCR Association Service and Assistance Fund is to provide emergency aid to members of the Regiment in financial distress. This fund is held within The RCR Trust and monies accrued may be used as grants to be paid out to Service and Assistance applicants. Grants up to, but not exceeding, $2000 may be approved.


Eligible applicants must be:

  • a retired member of the CF whose former service would qualify the individual to be a member of The RCR Association; or
  • a surviving spouse of a member of the Regiment; or
  • a member currently serving as a member of a unit of The RCR or is ERE; or
  • any individual who has been on posted strength to a unit of The Regiment; or
  • a wounded member of the Regiment who has been medically released and it has been determined that as a result of the release the individual has lost an entitlement that would have normally been covered by DND, DVA or SSISP; or
  • an individual who served with The RCR in a theatre of operations where their medical problem was acquired.

Ineligible applicants are:

  • persons who have already been provided financial assistance through the Service and Assistance Fund should the total previous requests have already reached a maximum total of 2K; and
  • persons whose financial situation would be alleviated through other forms of assistance provided either by DND, DVA or SSISP.

Submissions for assistance

Because of the nature of the situation all applications for assistance will be treated as confidential.

Applications for assistance by:

  • retired members of the Regiment shall be submitted to the Chairman of The RCR Association; and
  • members currently on posted strength of an RCR unit or are on ERE shall be submitted through the chain of command to RHQ to the Chairman.


The review of applications for financial assistance will be undertaken by the Association’s Service and Assistance Committee. This Committee consists of the Chairman of the Association, at least two members of the Board of Directors of The RCR Association and a member appointed by RHQ.

Upon receiving a request for assistance, the Chairman will convene the Committee to review:

  • the eligibility of the applicant;
  • the current financial situation of the applicant;
  • whether all other avenues of assistance have been exhausted and if not, be prepared to advise the applicant as to where to go for other forms of assistance; and
  • the recommendations of the chain of command.

After their determinations on the eligibility of the applicant, the Committee shall decide on the amount of the grant to be provided and the means by which it will be provided.

Support to the Last Post Fund

The Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program ensures that eligible retired veterans receive dignified funeral and burial services. The Program is administered by the Last Post Fund, a non-profit organization that has served Veterans since 1909. However, this program only covers expenses for WW II or Korean veterans.

The Last Post Fund often receives requests from families in dire need of financial assistance in order to help ensure their family member, who as a veteran, receives a dignified burial. In such cases the Last Post Fund approaches organizations and affiliated Associations requesting donations to help offset the associated costs. The Last Post Fund has an internal screening process by which they determine eligibility.

Such requests forwarded to The RCR Association from the Last Post Fund may be considered on a case by case basis for those honorably retired members of The Regiment up to a maximum of $500. Grants from the Service and Assistance Fund may be forwarded to the Last Post Fund who, on behalf of The Regiment, will ensure the money is used to offset funeral expenses for the deceased veteran.

To protect the Non-profit status of the Association the following procedure must be followed:

  • upon receipt of a request from the Last Post Fund, the Service and Assistance Committee will review the request;
  • if considered worthy, the original Last Post Fund request along with a recommendation from the Service and Assistance Committee will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Trust requesting approval of a grant from the Service and Assistance Fund;
  • upon approval, the Trust will forward a cheque not to exceed $500 to the Last Post Fund representative; and
  • the Last Post Fund representative will subsequently forward the cheque to the family of the deceased with a covering letter indicating that the donation was provided by The RCR.