The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum at Wolseley Barracks


The Museum tells the story of the first infantry regiment with the regular army in Canada. The museum is located in the west wing of Wolseley Barracks, built by the Dominion Government between 1886 and 1888 to house «D» Company of the Infantry School Corps. The collection is vast and includes a large variety of artefacts: regimental memorials, silverware, uniforms, medals, original art, weapons, military equipment, archives, musical instruments, etc. An expanded permanent gallery and a customer friendly gift shop are high profile attractions in the city of London, ON.
Virtual tours of museum exhibits can be viewed at
The Museum is a component of The Regiment managed by a dedicated staff under the leadership of the Executive Director / Curator, Dr. Georgiana Stanciu.

Our Vision

The RCR Museum will promote and enhance the pride that Canadians have in their military and its achievements through ensuring they know the story of one of our nation’s great Regiments

Our Mission

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, as a component of The Royal Canadian Regiment, will preserve, collect and present artefacts, archives and other militaria that are relevant for the history of the Regiment in order to assist in building pride, esprit and solidarity amongst all members of The RCR family.  The Museum will also foster a deeper understanding of the Regimental experience, within the broader context of military and Canadian history, among other veterans, communities in the London area and all Canadians

There is a dedicated website for the Museum. Press here to access it.