The Branches

The Association serves its members through a number of Branches established across the country. Branches vary in the number of members with three larger ones in London, Ottawa and Kingston. Other smaller Branches exist in the Atlantic Provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. An interactive map of the Branch locations and contact details of the current President of each Branch can be viewed here. Use your scroll button to zoom in or out and click on any icon to view the President’s contact details.

Branches have a Charter provided by the Association and are required to maintain an executive committee. Branch Presidents are normally appointed to the Association’s Board of Directors and are encouraged to share Branch events and information with all Royal Canadians in their area.

Some of the Branches have established an entity (Group or Page) on Facebook. The known ones (with a link) are:

Any Royal Canadian who wants to start a Branch may do so by contacting the Association Chairman