The RCR Association Purpose


The Royal Canadian Regiment Association's existence is as a result of the fine esprit de corps experienced by its members, while serving in the Regiment's units within the Canadian Armed Forces, and is of a desire to have this team spirit continue beyond the boundaries of military service. The Association sees itself, pursuant to the views of the Royal Canadian Regiment Council and as is prescribed in Regimental Standing Orders, as a component of The Royal Canadian Regiment and believes that the Regiment is a vital asset in the defence of Canada and strives to support other regimental components for this continuity.


The Association is established in the interests of comradeship to foster, maintain and promote the traditions and well-being of The Royal Canadian Regiment.


The Association pursues this purpose by:

  • providing means of communications among its members;
  • providing both local and national venues for the celebration of esprit de corps and exercising comradeship;
  • supporting the Regiment's fiscal stability through the provision of volunteers to sit as members on The Royal Canadian Regiment Trust Fund's Board of Trustees, and to participate in fund raising as may be required from time to time;
  • supporting the Regiment's good reputation, public image and esprit de corps by:
    • providing volunteers to sit on The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum's Board of Directors, to assist with the operation of the Museum, and from time to time, as may be requested by the Museum, assist with the procurement of regimental artifacts,
    • providing volunteers to assist in the recording of the Regiment's history, and
    • membership attendance at public events that celebrate both Canada's and the Regiment's military history, including the provision of spokespersons and interviews regarding historical issues that are of media interest;
  • supporting the welfare of the Association's membership and their families, by acting as an agent of The Royal Canadian Regiment Trust Fund for financial disbursements regarding the identification and alleviation of those suffering from poverty or financial distress, and the identification of those most deserving of an educational bursary;
  • mourning, recording and advising the membership regarding Association members that have passed away and to provide support for the deceased's families; and
  • monitoring the condition of The Royal Canadian Regiment War Memorial located at Wolseley Barracks in London, Ontario, and to advise the Board of Trustees of The Royal Canadian Regiment Trust Fund accordingly."