The RCR Trust Purpose

The Royal Canadian Regiment Trust Fund is a Not for Profit organization, founded in 1971, to oversee funds which support Regimental activities. Various Trusts and Funds have been established within the overall Trust Fund through contributions by members and friends of the Regiment and have grown over time through additional contributions and investment income. Annual disbursements are made to support Regimental activities which are not either fully or partially government funded. These include regular and reserve units, ceremonial uniforms, the Regimental Pipes and Drums, The RCR Museum, The RCR Association, internal communications and support to former serving members and their families.

The purpose of the Trust Fund and the guidelines on administration of funds are outlined in the Agreement and Declaration of Trust (Deed)".

While responsive to the financial needs of the various components of the Regiment, the Trust Fund must legally remain outside of the direct control of the Regiment in order to preserve its status as a Not for Profit organization. Therefore, a Board of Trustees is appointed to manage the fund. Trustees have both an ethical and legal obligation to ensure that the income generated from investments is appropriately applied to those purposes for which the capital was originally placed in trust.

Contributions to the Fund

Contributions to The RCR Trust Fund (the Trust) may be made in a variety of ways including:

  • direct contribution to either a specific fund or to the Trust in general;
  • voluntary contribution through a monthly pay allotment by serving members;
  • by way of a legacy gift as part of a will or codicil, or in memory of a Regimental member or loved one.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Trust, or any fund therein, should contact the Treasurer of The RCR Trust Fund by email or regular mail for specific instructions. Contributions are eligible for Income Tax receipts and may be sent by mail directly to The RCR Trust Fund. The Canada Post address is:

The RCR Trust Fund, PO Box 1954, 120 Clarence St, Kingston, ON  K7L 5J7