Regimental Headquarters

The Royal Canadian Regiment is the senior Regular Force infantry regiment in the Canadian Army. At 133 years young, the regiment is well into its stride of serving Canada with its characteristic mix of courage, chivalry and dash. In the simplest terms, the purpose of The Royal Canadian Regiment is to fight. That is, to fight in the defence of Canada and Canada’s vital interests. It fulfils this purpose in time of war and whenever it conducts combat operations.

The role of the regiment, as a component of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps within the Canadian Army and the Canadian Armed Forces, is to train and maintain in readiness military forces for service as directed by the Government of Canada. This service can range across the spectrum of conflict, from support to the civil authorities in peace time to high intensity combat operations in time of war. In every instance the regiment is ready and able to do what is asked of it. In the pursuit of its role, the regiment has for many decades identified the following six goals or interests:

  • To provide loyal, effective and efficient units to the Canadian Army Order of Battle;
  • To inculcate and foster in all members of The RCR a high standard of military professionalism firmly anchored on the Canadian Army’s ethos of Duty, Integrity, Discipline and Honour;
  • To champion the regimental system by instilling cohesion, regimental pride and fighting spirit in soldiers, exercised within a strong regimental architecture that includes serving and retired members, The RCR Association, the families of regimental members and an appreciation of the regiment’s history and achievements;
  • To promote The RCR’s identity and cardinal principles while preserving and perpetuating the regiment’s history and its relevant customs and traditions;
  • To foster the creation of excellent regimental leaders at all rank levels through professional development and career enhancement opportunities; and,
  • To ensure a strong connection to Canadian society by maintaining a high and positive public profile of the regiment.

The mission of Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) is to communicate, coordinate and control in order to maintain regimental cohesion. RHQ is co-located with the 1st Battalion at Victoria Barracks in Petawawa, Ontario and its personnel are drawn from among the regiment’s battalions. RHQ is the coordinating headquarters for regimental activities across the regiment’s four battalions and its Extra Regimentally Employed (ERE) personnel located throughout Canada and abroad.  The HQ is responsible for the supervision of The RCR Museum, located at Wolseley Barracks in London, Ontario and the management of the regiment's authorized Non-Public Regimental Fund (The RCR Fund).  RHQ is the secretariat for the Regimental Council and is the link between the regiment's battalions and serving members and the wider regimental family including the regiment's non-governing bodies: The RCR Association, The RCR Trust, The RCR Museum Board of Advisors and the regiment’s affiliated Cadet Corps.

Members of the public who wish to contact the serving component of the regiment may write or send e-mail to RHQ at the addresses below. RHQ will respond or forward such correspondence to the appropriate battalion or person as required.

Regimental Adjutant

Regimental Headquarters, The Royal Canadian Regiment
Victoria Barracks, Building Y-101
PO Box 9999, Station Main
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3