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Extra Regimentally Employed

RCR battalions are rightly described as the Regiment’s core, containing the bulk of the regiment’s tactically organized combat power, however, the battalions by no means contain all of the regiment’s personnel. Extra-Regimentally Employed (ERE) personnel are those members of the Regiment who are posted externally from the battalions and who work in any number of command, staff and instructor appointments throughout the army at home and abroad. Spanning all ranks and experience levels, the Regiment’s ERE members may be posted in command of formations or other units, occupy staff appointments in any of a number of headquarters or lead from positions of authority in other regiments, for instance, as Regular Support Staff (RSS) Officers and NCOs posted to Primary Reserve units. Last, but by no means least, the regiment’s ERE members can be found in great numbers at the Infantry School and at various Division Training Centres and other schools where they instruct each succeeding generation of officers, NCOs and soldiers. This latter group is in every sense executing the historic task for which The RCR was originally formed in 1883 and from which it has never been truly relieved: to train soldiers, particularly the infantry.

ERE members are linked to the Regiment through their regional Regimental Mentor, a secondary, geographically based appointment held by either a senior officer or Warrant Officer whose task is to maintain contact with the ERE members in their area and to represent their concerns and aspirations to the regimental leadership. Regimental Mentors are appointed by the Regimental Colonel and report to the Regiment through the Regimental Colonel in the case of officers, or through the Regimental Chief Warrant Officer in the case of Non-Commissioned Officers. Together the team of Regimental Colonel, Regimental CWO and Regimental Mentor ensures that all Royal Canadians are represented at career merit boards and that their rotation back to an RCR battalion and for career progression generally, is addressed.

The list of Regimental Mentors is published annually by RHQ on receipt from the Regimental Colonel. It is updated as required and is accessible to serving members through the Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN).

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