The RCR Trust Fund Trustees

Trustees shall be serving or former serving members of The Regiment. Two other trustees, who do not meet this criterion, may be appointed when their expertise is deemed beneficial.

Trustees have access to detailed information on Regimental activities, but maintain an “arm’s length” working relationship from other components of The Regiment in order to maintain the Trust’s Not for Profit status.

Specific details of terms of reference, tenure, replacement, and addition of other trustees are contained in the Agreement and Declaration of Trust.

Executive Officers

T. Tarrant, Col (Ret’d)

D.W. Preeper, CWO (Ret’d)
Vice Chairman

W.D.O. Nolan Maj (Ret’d)

C.G. Carbert Maj (Ret’d)

Trustees (by reason of their appointment)

S.D.C. Trenholm, LCol
Regimental Secretary

T.J.E. Robinson, Maj
Regimental Major

J. MacInnis, Maj
The RCR Association Chairman

J. Mombourquette, Capt (Ret’d)
Chairman of the RCR Museum

Other Trustees

G.J.P. O'Brien, BGen (Ret'd)