The RCR Association Board of Directors

The RCR Association is governed by a Board of Directors whose purpose is to set policy and provide guidance on the conduct of the affairs of the Association

Executive Officers



 Vice President



 Jim MacInnis

 Jim Cox

 Randy Kemp

 Sandy McQuarrie

 Sandy McQuarrie



 Ross Appleton

 Jeff Burke

 John Copeland (1 RCR)

 Jim Cox

 Jack Durnford (3 RCR)

 Al Fowler 

 Jackie Girouard

 Randy Kemp

 Jim MacInnis

 Iain MacLean

 Don McKelvey

 Sandy McQuarrie

 Mark Miller

Terry Seaver

  Kevin Venus (2 RCR)


Other Appointments

 Joe Aitchison (Honorary Chair)

Nigel Shaw (Honorary Chaplain)

Shawn Neville (RHQ Rep)