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A.D. (Sandy) McQuarrie first joined the Canadian Army in 1961 as a Other Rank in the Highland Light Infantry Of Canada. He was commissioned in The Royal Canadian Regiment as a 2Lt in 1964.

During his service with the regiment, he was employed as a platoon commander, a recce detachment commander, OIC the Corps of Drums, a company 2i/c, an adjutant, a company commander and the commanding officer of 1RCR from 1981 to 1983.

His ERE employment included a tour as SO3 Training in the HQ of the Canadian Airborne Regiment from 1968 to 1971, attendance at the CF Staff School, the CLFCSC, the CFCSC, SO2 Training at the CLFCSC, SO2 Ops in HQ 4CMBG, a member of the Directing Staff at the Australian Army Command and Staff College, DLOTR2 at NDHQ, Special Assistant to the COS, HQ MFO, Director  Army Combat Information Systems in the TCCCS Project Office, COS Atlantic Militia Area, and DND LO to the Conference of Defence Associations.

After leaving the CF, he worked for a number of high-tech firms, established his own business specializing in developing and exercising crisis management plans for both Canadian and international clients. He also was hired as a consultant for the J5 Staff in Canada Command and as a contractor in the J7 Branch in Canadian Joint Operations Command

Sandy retired in Ottawa where he lives with his wife, Francoise enjoying golf and woodworking.

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